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UPDATE: A dangerous career criminal who text messaged me a death and stabbing threat against Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and her unborn child has been reported to the Secret Service-this threat, as all threats of this nature, is being taken seriously. The complete story is here:

As the election draws nearer, the McCain/Palin camp is ever more desperate-Sarah Palin is taking the low road and attacking Barack Obama with accusations that have pretty much been proven as baseless by major news organizations. This could deeply affect her ability to be a national candidate with serious chances of winning executive elections in the future. Sarah Palin also appears to be a bigger fuckup than I first thought.

The scandals may be over. (Ha!) Troopergate is nothing more than a family squabble and some moves most anyone would attempt to protect someone they love-in this case Sarah Palin's sister. (This is going to have to be rewritten and addressed-it appears to be deeper than I first thought and Sarah Palin has been quite dishonest. However I don't think this will harm her with her base. Others may not take kindly to it, however. Recently people who were not eager to testify in the Troopergate scandal have changed their minds.) Sarah Palin has already proven by the way she's given up some of the perks of the job, such as a private jet, that money isn't her reason for wanting to be in government. It's more unselfish than when Arnold Schwarzenegger gave up his salary as Governor of California. Schwarzenegger doesn't need the money by any stretch of the imagination. Sarah Palin isn't a rich woman with her own private jet and personal chef. She just figured Alaska's money could be better spent elsewhere. This is not a woman whose ethics need to be questioned. It's not like she's even attempting to hide anything. Good for her. And an update-the personal chef is still on the job. Just not as Sarah Palin's personal chef. Sarah likes to cook for herself and her family-in fact she pays herself roughly $60 a night for living at home. It's not really the thing that's going to break her as far as scandals go-it's allowable in Alaska, though not common practice in other states. Sarah Palin has spent roughly one fourth of what her predecessor has on airfare thanks to the sale of the jet. But the jet was 23 years old and sold for $600,000 less than the purchase price.

All this said, it's hard to buy the line she doesn't have what it takes to be President. Sure she does. So does Barack Obama. The idea that Sarah Palin isn't qualified to be President because she's a Governor of a small state (population wise) or was a small town mayor is just silly. That's not bad-that's real experience. Everybody starts somewhere and the best work their way up the ladder more quickly. That's why she is where she stands today. On the other hand, Barack Obama has never been an actual governmental administrator-but he has been a community activist and lawmaker both for the state of Illinois and as the junior senator from Illinois. That's another form of public service. Both are intelligent people qualified and ready to stand in and do the job. Anybody who thinks either one of these people aren't qualified based on their experience is not examining the matter throughly or honestly. (She could do the job-anybody can do the job. Doing it well is another matter.)

Shortly after she was picked to be John McCain's running mate Republican Vice Presidential Candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was more or less forced to acknowledge her 17 year old daughter Bristol is pregnant and has intentions of marrying the child's father following a very bizarre weekend which saw her publicly announced as John McCain's running mate followed hours later by rumors Sarah Palin had "faked" a pregnancy and the real mother of Trig Paxson Van Palin (which is a pretty cool last name-Hot For Teacher indeed) was Sarah's daughter Bristol. An Alaskan citizen put together the information and submitted it to liberal website DailyKos, which ran the story and put forth the evidence which actually made a pretty good case of believable conjecture-but not outright evidence. As a human interest news story, it was incredibly juicy. Fortunately, it was never true.

Sarah Palin went through a pregnancy with Trig, who was born with Downs Syndrome. (Please note that the missing Beverly Hills woman that is also a focus of this website and another website of mine has worked with autistic children and is very familiar with Downs Syndrome.) Unlike previous pregnancies in which Sarah Palin gained a noticeable amount of weight, Sarah did not even announce she was pregnant until the seventh month of her pregnancy, which surprised many people. She didn't appear pregnant in the slightest which of course helped spread the rumor as well as the fact when she gave birth she chose to do so while traveling after she leaked a small amount of amniotic fluid following a energy conference in Texas. Rather than going to a Texas hospital, she hopped on an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle, without informing anyone of her pregnancy, whereupon she boarded another Alaska Airlines flight to Anchorage. Once in Anchorage, she was driven to the MatSu Valley Regional Medical Center north of Anchorage, which is where she lives while not in the Juneau Governors Mansion, and gave birth. Altogether it may have been eleven to twelve hours after her amniotic fluid started leaking that she gave birth. Downs Syndrome is more common in babies in women Sarah's age (43 at the time of conception) and becoming pregnant altogether at that age is statistically rare. So there was plenty of circumstantial evidence that pointed to a reasonable conjecture of her faking her daughters pregnancy. Some people are still going to believe that, but the fact is it was simply a very unusual pregnancy. Adding to the rumor, there were reports Bristol Palin had been out of school for months with "mono" but it was later found she had simply chosen to live with relatives and attend school in Anchorage, rather than hundreds of miles away in Juneau. As a resident of California, it's refreshing to hear that a top state official has no qualms with flying a commercial jet. Governor Arnold Schwarzengger rarely flies in anything except a private jet and with access to luxuries most people only dream of on a continual basis. (Update: Troopergate is not a smoking gun and will likely be found as politics as usual. There may be other smoking guns against Sarah Palin and her present candidacy but that will take a bit of further research-expect an update early next week (week of September 22, 2008) I'll be doing some rewriting later on today but in a nutshell here is the smoking gun: When Sarah Palin became mayor of Wasilla, rape kits were no longer distributed and applied to rape victims free of charge but rather the victims were victimized twice-first with the actual rape, then when faced with a bill to pay for the rape kit themselves or through their insurance. It was so bad the Alaska legislature created and passed a bill making the charging of victims for their own rape kits illegal, specifically with Wasilla in mind. There has yet to be found any evidence directly linking Sarah Palin to this decision, but her police chief was very much pushing for the charging of rape kits, on the bogus claim of having to find the money for them. That money was estimated to be some $14,000 a year and could easily be found-considering Sarah Palin had spent $50,000 redecorating her office without the permission of the city council. It is extremely unlikely that this policy was something the police chief decided himself in view of Sarah Palin's extreme stands on abortion-that it should never be performed even in cases of rape or incest. The real reason Sarah Palin objected to the government funding of rape kits was because these kits contained "Emergency Contraception", very likely such things as the morning after pill RU-486 that would effectively terminate pregnancies which she is staunchly against no matter what the circumstances (there are other spots on this blog that need to be rewritten accordingly-information was taken from Wikipedia for some of her personal and political views-it is obvious the Wikipedia entry contains falsehoods.)

DailyKos ran the story (of Sarah Palin's possible faked pregnancy with Trig) but was also careful to state it might not be true-however the decision was made it was a legitimate possible news story. To the credit of DailyKos, they searched for photos of Sarah Palin pregnant and found one on FreeRepublic, a conservative website, and declared the story false the night before Sarah Palin made the pregnancy announcement regarding her daughter Bristol.

In what is a perfect photo opportunity for a party running on values and strength against terrorism, Sarah's oldest son Track, who has been serving at a military air base in Alaska, will be deployed to Iraq on the seventh anniversary of the September 11th attacks. To her credt, Sarah Palin is one of the few government figures that actually has family serving in the military. People have inaccurately reported Sarah Palin supports abstinence only and is anti birth control. However, Wikipedia reports she does indeed support birth control. Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama quickly declared that attacks of family members were off limits and Sarah and husband Todd Palin (who works for BP at the Prudhoe Bay oilfields at the shore of the Arctic Ocean and is also a fisherman and championship snowmobiler-very cool) issued a public statement supporting their daughter Bristol and asking for privacy for her and the family in this private matter.

Sarah herself was reportedly wild as a student but that's hardly anything new for political candidates and had a T-shirt that said "FCK The only thing missing is U" and other similar apparel of which photos of her wearing these shirts can be found on the internet. Big deal-so she was a fun loving party girl as a college student. She also was a television sportscaster for a short period of time in Anchorage and dreamed of joining ESPN. She eloped with Todd at an age older than most girls who elope do so, at 24. This may be significant as she takes the reins of the Presidency, if not in the term to be decided in November, in 2013 or 2017. (This is looking more and more doubtful.) No matter the outcome of the November general elections, it should be noted Sarah Palin is poised to become the first female President of the United States as the window closes on Hillary Clinton, who never stood a realistic chance because of years of bashing from right wing pundits and conservatives about just about anything having to do with her. Also note that it's hard to say what a Hillary Clinton Presidency actually would entail-she seems to cover both sides of the fence. She devised a national health care plan under her husband Bill in his first Presidency that didn't fly. Personally, I found it hard to take seriously a proposal for national health care from a woman who until her husband announced his candidacy for President, was on the Board of Directors of WalMart, by far the worst abuser of employees and employees rights in the country, facing a multitude of class action lawsuits in state after state. In this resepct, Sarah Palin is more forthright and easier to read. Why her youth is of importance is because it shows an ability to follow her own thoughts and beliefs. This will be important in the future as she absorbs more and more knowledge from being in the company of people with beliefs other than her strict Assembly Of God beliefs. She knows how to win elections and with that can change as circumstances dictate. This is what I expect to see happen in the next few years. She's proven she can run a government responsibly and has been wrongly criticized in many areas, for example she is blamed for a 62% cut in funding for special needs children in Alaska. The reality is, that was one part of the special needs budget folded into a larger special needs budget, which in effect triples the amount spent on special needs children in Alaska over three years, to nearly $75,000 annually per child. Sarah Palin is able to accomplish this from taxes imposed on the Alaska oil and gas industry.

The question-the legitimate question people are asking-is is Sarah Palin qualified to govern? And the answer is yes. She’s smart enough to be President or Vice President and is clearly a pretty bright woman, however likely not as smart as Obama, who has been a constitutional scholar and Harvard graduate while Sarah Palin obtained a degree in Journalism at the University of Idaho. For anyone doubting Sarah Palin is smart enough to run any office she is appointed to, note that she has served on a number of official boards in the state of Alaska as well as held elected office there including terms as city council member and mayor of Wasilla as well as the Governorship of Alaska, her current elected office. It is not reasonable to criticize her for serving in a small city or a small state (population wise, size wise Alaska is far and away the largest state in the nation and has a distance from east to west and north to south that of the entire 48 continental states put together.) The fact is Alaska is a diverse state with myriad problems and issues and is very rich in diversity among its population and the home of vast natural resources as well as being a very desirable tourist destination. The town of Wasilla, which had a population of around 5,000 when Sarah served as city council member and mayor (today, about 9,000 growing rapidly as all cities in the state are) is a real government and she did learn things there, because she was asked to join various state committes as a result of her work in Wasilla affairs.

For the moment, to criticize Sarah Palin correctly the pregnancy scandal needs to be set aside and the things that fly in the face of logic and what the majority of the people think are what need to be addressed. These things include the obvious failure of abstinence only programs and being anti birth control as her own daughter is proof enough of this failure. Also the idea that Alaska, the beautiful state that it is and where I personally very much want to go and drive the Alaska Highway and very wilderness like Dalton Highway, and the rest of the world are the result of creation, when scientific evidence abounds of the evolutionary process of this universe-and the fact it is much, much, much older than the several thousand years the Bible has documented. She also has some scandals on her hand with firing officials and investigating others in a possible abuse of power-however it should be pointed out that Sarah Palin’s possible abuses of power don’t come anywhere close to Mike Huckabee’s had he won the nomination or have been selected as John McCain’s running mate for just one example and to be fair. Sarah Palin is accused of using the Governors office to in effect help her sister, unhappily married to a state trooper and wanted him fired. When one official refused to do that, she fired him and replaced him with someone else who received a bonus of ten thousand dollars after being on the job two weeks before resigning. Ten thousand dollars seems like not even one thin dime compared to the $9 billion that is unaccountable in Iraq. All states should have scandals like this. By comparison, Mike Huckabee ordered the deletion of the hard drives of hundreds of state computers, likely stole furniture meant for the governors mansion and other things. Worst of all, from the standpoint of potential scandal his son was accused of hanging a dog. Hanging a dog is a repulsive crime to say the least (the individual stalking myself and the girl referred to above stabbed a cat) and not great publicity for a guy who's running for President as an honest preacher with family values. By comparison, a 17 year old girl getting pregnant and keeping the child-as many unwed teenage mothers do-is an unselfish act of love and responsibility. Wikipedia states that contrary to the beliefs of some individuals Sarah Palin is not against contraception or birth control although she is extremely anti-abortion and would mandate all babies be carried to full term by the mother, even in cases of rape or assault. Most people would agree this is very harsh and extreme. As Sarah Palin becomes accustomed to the needs of people outside Alaska, it is possible she may rethink some of her views of abortion. Liberals often are accused by right to lifers of being baby killers for supporting abortion. That's the black and white-but the reality is abortion is not a black and white issue but one with many shades of gray-often poor mothers and stupid mothers are one and the same and do not, can not or will not engage in birth control on their own. As a result, many become pregnant in desperate situations-which leads to an endless cycle of desperate children. At some point the system can't provide adequately for all of them. There is where discussion and compromise regarding the issue are important. Sarah Palin is smart enough to listen to both sides of the debate which may very likely in the future influence her own thinking.

Also of note Sarah Palin was born Roman Catholic but rebaptized as Assembly Of God. Assembly of God is a very extreme religion and not one I've found to be enjoyable in the least. My uncle was an Assembly of God preacher and a missionary to Arizona Indians and was an unpleasant person with poor parenting skills and extreme strictness regarding his children-for example the watching of movies and playing of cards were strictly forbidden and of the Devil. Most people would agree this is extreme and utterly ridiculous. My aunt was one of many church members who would pray out loud with great emotion, which often lead to crying and the so called speaking in tongues, which is absolute nonsense for anyone who has ever heard it and I personally feel is self imposed dementia. Since Sarah Palin is obviously intelligent, one would hope such extreme viewpoints and thoughts of the Devil are not part of her belief system or daily routine. I find it hard to believe someone as intelligent as she is would actually speak in tongues. As much as I like Sarah Palin, I would not and could not support a President who speaks in tongues. (If you think the jokes now are bad, just wait.)

The statement made on September 1, 2008 supporting her pregnant daughter Bristol is a very supportive statement that reads as if loving parents wrote it and are expressing themselves, thus any extreme points such as mentioned with regards to my uncle and the most extreme Assembly Of God parishioners would not be a part of her belief system (Thankfully!) Also Wikipedia reports that although she is in favor of the teaching of creationism, she is not anti-evolution or at least does not appear to be. (Again Thankfully! as Science does not agree with the theory of creationism and anyone who advocates teaching creationism only is probably basing that on their own personal beliefs and not evidence which would obviously indicate an individual unwilling to examine facts available to everybody.) Sarah Palin is the daughter if a Science teacher-she has never publicly stated she would teach creationism in schools-just that she feels it would lead to healthy discussion for students. About the reports Sarah Palin was a member of the Alaska Independence Party movement-that's very understandable, although the fact is she never was, but her husband Todd was for several years-Alaska is not even geographically connected to any other state and the idea behind such an organization would be that it acts in the best interest of the Alaska people-something Sarah Palin has stated over and over to her constituents. That doesn't mean Alaska would actually secede from the United States, although it could-just that Alaskans, who control a vast amount of oil and other resources, would want to control their own destiny. Alaskans, it has been written time and time again, are fiercely independent people. Also, most Alaskans support drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and would like to control that destiny. The fact is the oil companies have done a very good job working in harmony with the environment and the Dalton Highway, the only road leading to the North Slope, is rather spotless and extremely beautiful even as it follows the Alaska pipeline for approximately five hundred miles to Fairbanks (it's actually a different road the first 90 miles or so, but leads to the Dalton Highway) and wildlife can be seen in abundance. It's something I want to do because it is one of the wildest and most beautiful roads on the planet. Even today, the Dalton Highway averages only 6,000 visitors per year. Everybody that has ever driven it considers it beautiful, a challenge and an adventure. The oil companies have done very well by Alaska and the one incident everyone remembers, the Exxon Valdez, and the major spill it caused, wasn't any fault of the oil companies but rather a drunken and irresponsible captain on the Exxon Valdez. Sarah Palin is well familiar with the Alaska oil and natural gas industry and obviously capable of developing energy policy. Also, anyone who has ever watched an episode of Ice Road Truckers sees the same type of care for the environment (the show is set in Canada but they leave the land there pristine as well. Ice Roads, for those who are unaware, are exactly what they sound like-ice roads over lakes, rivers and even the Arctic Ocean that truckers travel over during a few winter months when the ice is thick enough to support massive weight to deliver supplies and equipment to oil rigs, natural gas rigs, diamond mines (purely fascinating-the area north of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is a prime location for diamonds) and remote villages. The job is dangerous, exciting at times and pays very well. As mentioned above, most Alaskans are perfectly fine with more drilling and in fact receive yearly subsidies from the state. Again Sarah Palin has been responsible for increasing taxes in Alaska on the oil and gas companies.

The Bridge To Nowhere-Nothing could be further from the truth. It's not surprising Sarah Palin as Alaska's governor would support the projects. In the interest of being accurate, it should be noted Sarah Palin has lied about her support for the project and being for it before she was against it. But I consider this common knowledge. What isn't common knowledge is what these programs actually are and that I intend to address at length here. The project is actually two bridges and the label was given to the projects as an example of pork barrel spending, probably by a congress member using the project for political points for him or herself and probably wanting the money for their own district. The projects became the joke of late night talk shows and easily ridiculed by millions of people that didn't understand what those projects were all about and didn't really look into it. All that stuck in their mind was this was a bridge to maybe fifty people.

That's not the case at all. The Knik Arm bridge project, when completed, will connect Anchorage to land across the Knik Arm with double benefits. For one, it will cut travel time from the Matanuska Valley, which is where Wasilla is located along with Palmer and other Alaskan communities to Anchorage by an hour. The only way into Anchorage now is a roundabout way, driving either the Parks or Glenn Highways to the Glenn Highway interchange, there following the freeway into Anchorage. The Knik Arm bridge will not only make that commute easier, it will also open up development on the other side of the bridge that will grow the economy and provide housing and jobs for thousands more Alaskans and quite possibly allow the Anchorage area to double in population eventually. The only other alternative is to route the freeway through military bases but that won't allow for the development of the land across the Knik Arm as the bridge will. To take a look at how this type of bridge or system of bridges have contributed to growth in similar geography, take a look at Vancouver, British Columbia.

The second Bridge To Nowhere project, the Gravina Island Bridge, is a bridge project to connect Ketchikan in the southeast panhandle to its airport located across the water. Currently a ferry is used for transportation to the airport. Again the bridge not only connects Ketchikan to the airport but allows for the development of the land near the airport, growing the population and economy. Ketchikan is the first port of call for cruise ships and a beautiful city with lots of history. Building roads in Alaska is a difficult process and the transportation department is always building projects, planning projects or repairing roads from such uniquely northern climate conditions as frost heave. The terrain makes it challenging yet several new highways in the state since Alaska entered statehood in 1959 have grown the population and the economy. Roads in the southeast panhandle are particularly difficult. It's not impossible as connecting those cities would be a lot like dotting the islands from mainland Florida to Key West, as that remarkable project does. But the terrain would be about ten times tougher than that project. Congress does actually waste money, as has been shown time and again. But the Bridge To Nowhere gets an undeserved bad rap.

There's another project labeled The Road To Nowhere and again that's not true. The proposal is for a highway connecting Juneau to Skagway and Haines, the two towns at the very north of Alaska's panhandle and both popular destinations for cruise ships. Both Skagway and Haines are the southern terminus for two existing roads, leading to Whitehorse and Haines Junction, both in the Yukon Territory, respectively, on the Alaska Highway. For the first time, Juneau would be a destination tourists and truckers could drive to. Like the Keys Highway in Florida, the drive would be spectacular and beautiful.

Skagway is both beautiful and historic. Like many other cities and towns in Alaska and Canada, Skagway was a gold rush town. The city's most notorious gangster, Soapy Smith, was a guy who owned salons and had one rather ingenious way of bilking prospectors out of their gold or money. For five dollars, a small fortune in 1898, lonely prospectors could telegraph their loved ones back home. The telegraph wires behind Soapy Smith's saloon stood high on wooden posts, rising magnificently up the hill-to the backside of a shack, whereupon the wires tumbled helplessly to the ground in a tangled mess. His and his men's hold on the town was finally broken when a newly appointed lawman gunned him down-paying the ultimate price and dying himself just a few days later. Skagway is one of the many tourist destinations, such as Whitehorse and Dawson City, where tourists can see musical reenactments and plays of the Gold Rush days in Alaska and Canada. All through Alaska are top notch accomdadations, all made possible by the original Road To Nowhere, The Alaska Highway, built in 1942 in a scant eight months as a World War II supply route and being improved ever since. All of these construction projects would benefit Alaska immensely.

I myself know about misleading circumstances and confusion because a girlfriend and myself have received death threats, threats of great bodily harm, rape threats, and illegal telephone cloning resulting in continual text message interference, cell phone interference and computer interference-all federal felonies-committed against us by Robert Catalfamo, a Santa Barbara based career criminal and drug dealer who is currently and continually violating a valid restraining order and believes he is above the law (who may now have moved to the San Fernando Valley.) We are unsure of a second person who may also be harassing us and in this respect what we are experiencing is somewhat similar to the confusion surrounding people such as myself and others who were looking at the available evidence in the Sarah Palin pregnancy scandal. The girl in the case, the other focus of all of these threats and illegal activities besides me has now been unable to communicate with me for some 72 hours. (Note and Update: Tamar Hirsch has been able to contact me, however the dangerous and illegal stalking continues. For the latest information see ( ) I am very concerned for her safety and we could use help getting the story out there. Tomorrow I will be contacting the various detectives who are investigating this case (only delaying because of the Labor Day weekend and detectives not always being available) and certainly hope all is well and we can find her. We could use help in getting the story out there and you can read it here:

Why I put this statement here is because this is an area we really need help with and the subject of another blog of mine. The safety of the girl and myself as well as future victims of Robert Catalfamo are at stake here.

Thank You

Rodney Peterson